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Thank you to all my supporters for attending the May 12 book signing! JOIN me for the next book signings at:
August 26,  Renaissance Festival, Crownsville, MD
October 28, Barnes and Noble, Fredericksburg, VA


The Noble Rogues 

Thirteen-year old Finn and his younger sister Calli suspect there is more to the story behind the respected Lord Greencrest and his pursuit of the murderer known as the "Phoenix".  They race to uncover the mystery surrounding the two men as the conflict threatens their home...  Read more and order now!

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The Obsidian Staff

Book 1 of the Lost Legacy Series

The First Conquest

Book 2 of the Lost Legacy Series

The Dragon's Eye

Book 3 of the Lost Legacy Series


The Obsidian Staff
In the Kingdom of Harkimer, a wizard has emerged with a weapon of unrivaled power: the obsidian staff. With it, he seeks to end the dark wizards' exile to the Southern Mountains almost eight centuries prior. 

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My Biography

If you’re reading this short biography, you might have one of two responses.  The first and preferred response is, “Hey, neat, can’t wait to have more fantasy fiction to read!  That really inspires me to (insert life dream here).”  The second and more common response is, “Write a novel?  Be an author living off of your savings, without a salaried job?  That’s too risky.  Actually, it’s a bit crazy.”  Yes, it seems crazy but you will also curl up with an exciting new novel.  Voila!  Welcome to the world of creative minds. 

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Original artwork by Nathan Hansen.  You can find him @cornskateboards on social media or!

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Author's note:  While the acting here is tremendous, the storyline changed from the making of this video to the publication of the final story.  Enjoy!

Greetings!  Welcome to the home of the soon-to-be-published fantasy fiction novels, The Lost Legacy Series. For more background on me, Jaz Azari - author, fan-club founder, and ancient magic extraordinaire - and the making of The Obsidian Staff, I offer you the above video.  Or if you'd just like to enjoy a few minutes of Monty Python-esque merriment and spoofs, just press play! [Special thanks to video editor Cole Donovan.  Full credits can be found in the main tabs.]

Quotes from Ilian

Slow is fast, fast is slow. - Ancient elven saying

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