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Many thanks to my supporters of The Obsidian Staff!  This book could not move forward without your donations on Indiegogo.  If you would like to get involved, please visit:!  Here are our amazing contributors, starting with…

Welcome Wanderers

Thanks to Liz Boeck, Sharon Daugharty, and Frank Mashuda, Ilian's wanderers!

Bewitching Benefactors

Many thanks to Charlie Raymond, Sean Bath, Scott Sklar and Rachel Miller for being benefactors of the arts! 

Charitable Companions

No man is an island, and it is only with you, companions of the series, that this first book can be published.  Thanks to Sam, Sarah Billings, Bill Rhodes, Dave Hogan, Bree Moore, Brianna Robinson, Christin Kjelland, Kia Henry, Tucker Brown, Anthony Yuen, Brian Roller, Matthew Standard, Elizabeth Brancato, Joe Clough, Beth Daugharty, Craig Kennedy, DeMark Schulze, Parviz Behrooz, David MacDonald and Bonnie Li-MacDonald, Siobhan Leonard and family, Melika Behrooz, Matt Vossoughian and Jana Kolpen!

Elves with Endowments

Elves are known for their largess, and you have proven noble elves.  Thanks to Megan Brown, Wybe Bruinsma, David S. Steier, Chris Rivers, Christopher Schroeder, Codi Cain, Juan, Melanie, Simon van Steyn, and Tom Kalzuny!  Wybe is also working to solve ocean debris issues.  You can find him at

Donating Dukes and Duchesses

I have many thanks to give to truly generous donors who have supported this project in so many ways!  Thanks to Dean Arnold, Bob Polk, Henri Bore, Gary Clements, Heath Hartsock, Mark Sun, Kristin Collins, Les Kayanan, Andrea Clancy, and Jack Kolpen!

Guardians of Ilian

The Guardians of Ilian have emerged!  Emily Azari and Dave Azari, in addition to their daughter and guardian-in-training Nora, Sarah Rose Jamshidpoor, and Marty Hansen have come out in strong support of the mystical land.  Thank you!

Legacy Leavers

The cabal of Legacy Leavers will not only contribute to the books with their donations but by naming characters!   Blitz the Cat wants to know what names Dmitryi Yeremin, Jonathan Blitt, Alyksandrei, Richard Rachad with Kangaroo Car Care, Tim and Tracy Waters, and Rena Edwards will choose...

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