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The Noble Rogues

Azari The Noble Rogues Final Edited 1.jpg

For the past ten years, the respected Lord Greencrest has relentlessly pursued the Phoenix throughout the land of Korian. The warlord's quest to capture the infamous rogue wanted for thievery and murder has grown so legendary that every town in Korian has rallied to his cause. But in the village of Calcaerwey, Finn Rhedwyng is wary. He suspects there is more to the story than of the warlord's heroism and the villain's treachery. Even as he attempts to balance the demands of his lessons at school, an apprenticeship with the local saddler, and life with a domineering father and fretful mother, Finn is caught up in a mystery that takes him beyond the borders of Calcaerwey. Together with his younger sister, Calli, and his best friend, Will, he is willing to face whatever dangers may lie ahead to discover the truth-because the survival of his village depends on it. 

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