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The Obsidian Staff

Book One of The Lost Legacy Series

She doesn’t know how she appeared in Garfield Park; why she was a witness to the home destroyed by unquenchable flames; why she wears an azure blue cloak.  In fact, she doesn't remember anything about her past before that tragic night.  Not even her own name.

As an investigation starts into the cause of the fire, fifteen-year old Kate Smith is sent to live with her Aunt Millie, an unmarried, eccentric art collector residing in the suburbs of London.  Kate is thrown into lessons as she desperately tries to regain her memory. 

But when Kate turns sixteen, she suddenly discovers she has bizarre and inexplicable powers.  Powers that don't belong in London at all.   Only when she escapes an attack by cloaked riders is she transported from to a world where her gifts are normal and valued – the mystical land of Ilian. 

But Kate has other challenges.  Diamantas, the leader of the dark wizards of Harkimer, possesses a rare obsidian staff of unequaled power.  He wants to conquer Ilian - and he sees Kate as his greatest rival.  

With the help of a devoted cadre of friends, Kate begins to unearth the mystery behind her past.  Yet Kate must have the courage to face the truth behind her identity.  And that if she doesn't quickly master her powers, she is a greater threat to Ilian than the dark wizards. 

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