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We pursue our dreams with passion, determination, and confidence. Risk-adverse individuals think this is as reasonable as bungee jumping without a cord. To fellow entrepreneurs, it’s saying “Carpe diem!” and leaving a piece of your heart with the rest of society. Imagine a world without Di Vinci, J.K. Rowling, or Charles Schultz. I’m sure there are some who believed a man drawing cartoons about a talking beagle would be the stereotypical “starving artist”. Who could imagine a world without Snoopy? That's what entrepreneurs do - they pour themselves into their writing, their music, their inventions, their art and make our lives better for it.

That's my goal - to inspire you to seize the day! Explore, take risks, have fun, trust your gut feelings, and know there are no limits to what you can do, if you devote yourself to whatever endeavor. As Professor O'Leary, Kate's science tutor in The Obsidian Staff says, it only takes a "what if" to start finding endless opportunities and possibilities.

I’m as devoted an author as Star Wars fans who drives hundreds of miles in Stormtrooper costumes to attend Comic-con conventions. After a decade of working on everything from socio-cultural training to media and online broadcasts, I decided it was time to dedicate my time to offering up a new young adult fantasy fiction series. Having self-published a young(er) adult novel The Noble Rogues in 2006, I had traversed the publishing terrain. But seventeen-year old Kate Smith will debut in first book in the series, The Obsidian Staff, in an eBook and later appear in hardcopies at bookstores near you. Though I await an agent, I believe “if you build it, they will come”.

You can find a preview summary of The Obsidian Staff on this website and soon, a few sample chapters. The second novel in The Lost Legacy Series, The First Conquest, will be ready for your reading pleasure in 2023. Enjoy!

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